Friday, April 30, 2010

progress in Wool eater

i am loving it :)

one repeat of all the colors i am gonna use, may be i shall do total of three repeats, lets see how things progress.

Here is what i did today, made a zebra cake

this is really very tasty and kids love the design, got the idea from

the basic recipe is mine, got it from a friend.

Recipe for cake

You will need

A) 4 eggs,
     3/4th cup ( about 250 ml level on a measuring jar ) powered sugar
     3/4th cup ( 250 ml ) refined oil ( one can make with same quantity of butter for richer taste )
B)  2 1/2 ( two and a half ) cups Maida ( flour )
      1/2 tsp baking power
      3/4 tsp Meetha Soda ( soda bi carb )
      Few drops of vanilla essence ( 2-3 drops )
      Optional  5 tsp cocco for chocolate cake.

Seive all the ingridents in B  3- 4 times.

Mix A together till frothy ( one can use forks or wisp or beater ) and slowly beat in B.

 Pre Heat Oven at about 350 C or te setting for baking. 

Put the dough in lightly oiled pan and bake for about 30 mins,  check with a tooth pick to see if its done ( the tooth pick should come out clean )

This is where i use my knitting pins :)

Now for Marvel cake or Zebra Cake, divide the dough in to 1/2 or the wayu would want ur cake to be, more chocolate and less vanilla or viza viz

Put cocco in one part, about 3-4 tsp if chocolate part is more, and mix well.

For marvel cake u can put the major part of dough first in the pan and then later add the lesser dough ( say the one which has cocco ) hapazardly in zigzag fashion and put it in the oven

hope you make this super eas cake and love it :)

For Zebra cake check out the site mentioned above, i am lazy in typing :o

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wool eater blanket

Well i have been busy swatching the wool eater  blanket.

This is the second swatch with 4 mm hook, but there seems to be "holes" in my work now. looks good even with them. May be will make a airy baby blanket. I have to still think should I carry on or should I start again. Have asked Rufarocrafty ( from Ravelry ) help me out here and I am sure we shall work out on something :)

23 April 2010

I have progressed and am happy the way the blanket is coming out now, thanks to Rufarocrafty, i came to know my mistakes and now i am not repeating them :)

and the colors are cool, next will come cream and then 2 shades of blue, i have a green too, but i am gonna omit that, shall make ab baby set with that, as for this blanket, after the blue shades its gonna be repeat of the shades.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wool eater blanket

I started this today, was on my wish list for long. its a easy pattern to follow esp when u get the hang of it, but i think i need to do it little more tighter as its beauty is in the boxed "lifted" look and in my work its more of flat finish, i have tried it with 5mm hook and now plan to start again with 4 mm hook as adviced in the pattern.

And these are the colors i am gonna use

After four rows :) and its looking good

this is where i am not comfortable with it, its too drapy.

Here is the progress of Opt Art baby blanket, started with 16 repeats of white, so its gonna be 8 ridges :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Merino Shopping

This is the hottest summer till now but two weeks back i did some wool shopping and I am glad that i did, coz now i dont think i would go to the market to do any type of shopping.

this is my Merino, I havent yet thought what i shall knit it into but its sure is priced possession.

Here is the address of the dealer in Delhi :

A K Woollen Industries,
1267 /1, First Floor, Sadar Bazar Delhi.
Phone 32964607

This is vardhman wool for wool eater blanket, coming up next to the OPt art baby blanket which is about half way through:)

 I might make another star blanket with this, again Vardhman.... Jasmine with baby soft wool for sweater and cap

and here is what Opt Art Blanket looks till now
though it has grown few inches more than when the pic was taken. hopefully i finish it soon coz now i am getting impatient. I am at the repeat of Color A for 14 rounds.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

magic ball

So The stash has turned into a large magic ball...........

and here its resting where one day kids are roll over with it

Started the Catherine Wheel Stitch Blanket, row 3 started, with the corretions i had to make on the edges

Friday, March 12, 2010

Catherine Wheel Stitch

Started with a plan to knit a baby blanket, in Catherine Wheel Stitch, got the pattern form You tube

I think i am doing something simply wrong on the edges, so thought that should either frog the project.... which i didnt want to, so turned it into a small scarf / muffler.

Doesnt look that bad :)

well now with all this stash ( minus my son ) I had read on the Knitter's Review Forum [,] to make one ball of different yarns and then knit a sweater or any project,  its called magic  ball ,so I dug up all the stash and the yarn which fitted in to my baby blanket project is here. I have a feeling i might fall short of yarn for this so i am gonna ask for stash form my mother's friends who knit / crochet..... they will beglad to make room in their homes by giving away small balls of yarn and my kids are gonna love it. The thing that worries me is when will i be able to finish it, i have to knit / crochet for a baby due in September, and i dont want to delay projects on that....  time will tell

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Picking up hiberating projects

Finally gathered courage to pick up the Lace shawl i had form one bag to another. Frog ed the lace edging and started a simpler edging. I am hoping that the yarn is sufficient for the edging or else i shall give up. better option would be crochet, but i shall give knitting a go. something inside tells me that the project is jinxed, i might have to frog it again :(

the size has come out fine, more of a shawlet, rather than a huge shawl

i am hoping to finish this in a weeks time and then start packing all the finished projects along with other woolens, its getting warmer day by day.

this lace pattern is gone

and now its .....

broader lace pattern was nice and beautiful but i wouldnt have been able to knit it half way as i would have fell short of yarn.

And I did fall short of yarn, so had to frog the above lace and now its done

This is the edging on the lower end, little like a ruffle

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